Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Job Seekers

Your email will not be sold, rented or given to any third party – unless you fill in an online resume where you will be asking employers to contact you with job offers. Only approved employers will be able to see your resume. You can also set your resume to be ‘anonymous’, so that employers will be able to see your contact details only AFTER you granted them access. You do not need to submit an online resume to us.

Your resume will never be visible to Search Engines.

Advertisers / Employers

Your email will not be sold, rented or given to any third party. When you post a job with an email address, then this email address will be displayed so that job seekers can send their applications (The email on the job posting can be different to the contact email that you may specify on the registration form). Your contact details and other information are only shown once you have posted a job. Any data which is not submitted through the posting form or the Profile form is kept strictly confidential.


This site uses a ‘session cookie’ so that users are able to log in and continue with normal operation of this site. The session cookie is only visible between you and us erver, and not shared with any other 3rd party.

Visitor Tracking

This site uses Google Analytics to track visitors. Visitor usage patterns are then aggregated and any data that can be used for identification is anonymized. Please see Google’s privacy policy for more information.

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